Uncertain times

As we see more and more people coming out to make their feelings felt about recent political events, it makes us realise how important it is to have a voice. A voice that can shout but also sing, cajole and reach into the hearts of others.

We teach young people that their voice is unique and powerful and also to listen to the voices of others with reason. We are delighted to help our students achieve excellent results in their LAMDA exams so they can also show others that they have honed their oratory skills. Employers, colleges and organisations for change need strong orators. I was delighted to see the Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom join forces with the RSC and business leaders to bring drama workshops to a school in Manchester this week.

Let’s celebrate our diversity and encourage our future generation to be heard in every aspect of life. We also hope we have some budding Orlandos and Emma Stones amongst us too! The film LA LA land is wonderful in creating a captivating vision of love and creativity against the background of competitive America and I highly recommend it as inspiration to any of our budding actresses and actors. It is a welcome antidote to troubling times.


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